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  • By Sharon


    Perfect and elegant!!!

  • By moriscot


    It fits just perfect! Super great dress & cannot wait to wear it for prom.

  • By celine


    I just like this style,so my friends said this is a pretty formal dress. I agree!

  • By amy


    I just love the way it looks. I’m using it as a reception dress for my wedding. ❤️

  • By Jamie


    I ordered this dress for my wedding reception. And I LOVE it!!!! It fit so beautifully and looked so amazing when I put it on, I stopped everything I was doing to put on makeup! I would recommend it to anyone!!!

  • By Selia


    Great looking dress for the price.

  • By diane


    I got complimented by every person who saw me the night I wore this. I am sooooo glad I did! Seriously, being at an event with celebrities (not a normal Friday) and having THEM compliment a dress from here was crazy. Be forewarned that it does take some days for them to produce it!

  • By Michelle


    I bought this dress for my husband’s surprise birthday party that had a gold and black theme. I love this dress because it is classic. I was afraid that it would be too tight. It ended up fitting everywhere perfect except a little to much space on the arm with no shoulder. A friend of my safety pinned up the extra fabric, no one could see it. Not a lot of sequin fell off, but even if it did, the dress is so beautiful, I would have never noticed.

  • By Hiba


    Dress was still a little too long but it is ok with the split.

  • By dennis


    I wore this dress to my wedding reception. It was very comfortable and I got a lot of compliments on it. It was a little low cut. The sequins didn't come off or itch. I wore it in 100 degree heat for about 4 hours, danced and everything in it.

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Natural Prom Dresses

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